How to Arrange Items in an eCommerce Store for Maximum Sales

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If you look at a brick and mortar high street store, something interesting you may notice is the way they lay out their items. Everything in that store has been carefully placed and thought out in order to have the maximum impact on the visitor and to encourage them to buy.

This is also why your local grocery store keeps changing the layout of the place they’re doing it to ensure that you have to search around to find things thereby coming across more items that you might want to buy.

They also think about the journey you take through the store. What is it that draws the customers in? And where should they place the items to make them the most appealing and most likely to get purchased?

But what if you have a digital store? An eCommerce store? How can you accomplish the same thing and encourage people to want to buy?


One trick you should use is contrast. Contrast means placing two items next to each other that are very similar but different in terms of price.

This works because it helps the shopper to talk themselves into buying. For example, they might decide that they’re going to buy the cheaper item even though they feel guilty about spending the money. They can justify this action by saying well at least I bought the cheap option. At the same time, it will feel like a better deal.

Conversely though, if someone is thinking of buying the cheap version, they may be tempted to upgrade to the most premium model for a little more money. Just by placing these items next to each other then, you can increase the likelihood of two types of customers spending more in your store.


POS stands for Point of Sale. This is essentially the point at which your customer is about to buy something from you. In other words, this is the checkout page where all that is left to do is for them to enter their details and click buy.

At this point, your customer has already committed to buy and already over come their own objections. Thus, they are much more likely now to slightly upgrade their order with something small. Place extra offers here and you can potentially upsell to the customer and thus earn more money.

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